I have a few years of work collected in guache, pen-and-ink, brush-and-ink, and various marker pens, and a few acrylic and oil paintings, that I expect to upload here. Also I expect to show works in progress, how oil paintings, and maybe acrylic paintings, look as they progress. It’s often best to hide your oil paintings away for a few days or weeks, to keep the dust off the wet parts, so taking one out of storage becomes a bit of an occasion, a ‘Kodak-moment’, before you get it wet again.

I have an ambition to do some little videos with my compact camera, of the act of drawing and painting, just watching the paper turn into art, but I haven’t studied up on sharing .avi files, and the camera is notoriously bad indoors.

My stuff expresses something in a new way. You may at first feel that it is more like an inkblot test or cloud-interpretation, but with care you will find it expresses exactly one thing, often with several facets. Once you find that one thing you won’t ever miss it again. So it’s a painting or drawing that makes a sense you have to discover. Some people are up for that, while others want a good first impression, with the inevitable subsequent boredom of easy familiarity.

To encourage the fervent surfer to spend a little more time looking, I will probably write a page tutoring the eye what to see and how to see it in some of my less cryptic drawings. It may take a while, since painting takes precedence.


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