Art as Poetry and Poetry as Art


Asemic writing has some relationship to Glossolalia which the Christians call “speaking in tongues” when they don’t mean the sudden ability to speak a foreign language in order to bring foreigners the gospel. The Christians give something pure and simple a bad name by making it seem to each other that it is something exclusively Christian. In fact there are humble snake charmers in India who practice (if one may apply that word to something spontaneous) both of these instinctual forms of communication, and anyone might do so under hypnosis if it’s suggested.

The instinct concealed from conscious in the unconscious or subconscious can instantly apply or adapt anything we have learned so that it becomes naturally or universally understandable, which means it then becomes incomprehensible to the conscious, just like the sounds of of the animals. The conscious assumes itself to be intelligent (simply because it refuses to take an account of itself, hence the message common to all religions and philosophies, “know thyself”), and thus convinces itself that animal language is simplistic or crude rather than hyper-efficient. There is no doubt a study in code (secret messages) which works by mathematically reducing a language message to its smallest possible size. For example, what is the most commonly used sentence of two words in the US military vernacular? If we know that, it can be spoken as one, or as just one simple sound.

Instinct is the artists holy grail. The whole study of creative intelligence is about finding a way to unblock the instinct (which we are delving into to an unprecedented depth at The Psychology of Perception blog-space), which means finding out how the block gradually accumulates, a science psychology tends to steer clear of since it doesn’t encourage people to find an employer to serve, but asks us to discover the employer’s guilt or defect intuitively, without trying to. (There are senses which evolved in the environment of utter transparency, and to them we are always transparent.)

So here is where art meets poetry, and poetry becomes an alphabetic sound. If you click a few links you’ll find this is as common as being struck by lightning, and more so where art is a moral challenge, which is anywhere but Europe and America where progress has always been under the whip instead of serving the common people, because progress was found to make the rich insanely rich.

Notice in the first image that if you count the top curl as the right eye, then the figure that begins with a dipping vertical stroke and has half a rectangle as part of it can become a nose and the 2 sides of a rectangle just beneath it a mouth expressing something, while if you count the same curl as a left eye so the figure faces a bit to our left the loop left of that vertical stroke becomes a mouth expressing something else.

More about that when I eventually add a page tutoring the observer in “reading” this artform.


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