art lesson

11 Mar

Prove to yourself almost anyone could do it!

46cm rice paper, 22mm long flat watercolor brush (long for the volume it can hold; the strokes are more even with short bristles, but can be longer with long bristles), 3 brilliant yellow strokes, 3 sap green strokes, and 2 black strokes, all using daler rowney fw acrylic artists ink right from the bottles (which i normally never do; i always customise a color).

so there are 8 figures to imitate, first practice each one and then execute it. your finished work will not look exactly like mine when you’re done (the complexity of the figures precludes exact copying by actually executing the strokes), leaving the question: is there anything special about the one i did?

This took me less time than signing Tsoanra Inwix five times, in actual execution. Which is about how Miro works as well. And why, to me, it’s just play to work on rice paper with ink.

You can see I added the green while the yellow was wet, and the black as well, even though I had to wash the brush between colors. And I photographed it under a daylight-bulb before it really started to dry, because when it has dried it will be wrinkled, far from as flat as it is here.

The question anyone needs to answer to pursue art seriously is if art is just orginal, or is it very unique, more like a miracle. Nothing could be simpler than to repeat what I did here (in the time it takes to brew a cup of Keemun Mao Feng), several times in search of a variation just as good or better. Is there something very special about just this coincidence of these strokes or figures?

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