even closer; searching for impasto by 2D

05 Mar

I can hardly wait for reliable 3D computer monitors and internet. 2D is such an insult to anything not flat. Even the acrylic mustard bottle effect is very 3D in real life, despite the degree of flattening due to drying inherent in thinned acrylics. You can get some 3D feeling by using a light at the top which makes shadows

but the eyes don’t need any such artifice. (Ain’t eyes beautiful!!! Is it possible to stop thinking and see!)

Here are three sample efforts using my little coolpix; (my better cameras haven’t seen the light of day or night for several years now. I can’t recall what photolabs smell like, and my old costly digital is now outgunned by my cheapo coolpix).

These are 1600 pixels high. Click the thumb, then “permalink”. The two with the loop-shadow at the bottom are lying on the window sill; the other is on the wall (less direct daylight)

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Posted by on March 5, 2012 in art


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